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Crea-m is high quality cosmetics with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Their personality is that of a positive brand, with sharp and humoured massages. They have a funny image and impacting design, not that common in the traditional cosmetics brands.

But the true Crea-m Revolution is to actively listen to the clients. They think on the design and development of new lines of products taking into account the necessities of the customers, their proposals and opinions as well as the collaboration with appealing projects. 


Discovering all creams and gels from Cream! 

Sensitive Skin - moisturizing face cream!  

Body milk & antiaging serum


28,00 €
0 Review(s) 

Antiaging Serum is the elixir of youth which reduces wrinkles restoring your skin elasticity and luminosity.

22,00 €
0 Review(s) 

Body Remodelling Gel helps you to redefine your silhouette directly targeting cellulite and undesirable orange peel skin.

20,50 €
0 Review(s) 

Bust Remodelling Gel sculpts and firms your bust.

17,00 €
0 Review(s) 

Eye Gel reduces wrinkles, puffy bags and dark circles and illuminates the eye contour.

16,50 €
0 Review(s) 

Moisturizing Cream pampers your natural defences in order to moisturize, protect and strengthen your skin using a non-oily formula which is long lasting and quickly absorbed.

24,50 €
0 Review(s) 

Revitalizing cream helps you prevent and correct wrinkles restoring your skin firmness and luminosity.

16,00 €
0 Review(s) 

Sensitive Skin has been designed to moisturize, protect and revitalize your face, making it feel loved on a daily basis.

23,00 €
0 Review(s) 

Skin Brightening helps you combat the effects of Mr. Lorenzo restoring your skin’s luminosity.

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